Absent Friends is a play by British playwright Alan Ayckbourn. Plot[edit]. When Colin, a friend who has been absent, comes back to his circle of friends, his. London Classic Theatre present one of Alan Ayckbourn's funniest plays. A well-intentioned tea party. over the death of his fiancee so his friends, who never met the girl, arrange a tea party for him. Scripts. Absent Friends · Acting Edition · Spiralbound · Large.


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But for the residents of a sleepy English town sitting in the shade of a new transmission mast, that ubiquity has a troubling cost. Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you. And sometimes the future does as well.

Also I absent friends script the modern practice of smoking on stage with electronic cigarettes. If the character needs to smoke it is the 70s then smoke absent friends script real cigarette or cigar… or find something else to do!

The artificial smoking only adds to the unreality of the characters. Love what we do? Support us in our mission to review NZ's performing arts.

Absent Friends: Synopsis

See also reviews by: Dorney tumbles off both with persistent ease and we squirm with him. And old flame Ashley Cook turns up with photo albums and uncomfortable memories.

Occasionally the script rambles as characters lapse into over-long monologues. But more often, the quick-fire Ayckbourn dialogue is brilliantly rattled off by actors who have the timing to a tee.

Di's gesture is, initially, a generous one - until indiscretions and seething disillusionments surface, and a friendly party unravels in spectacular, hysterical fashion. Ayckbourn's play, set inplays on the absent friends script tension caused by the absent friends script worries of appearing less than perfect to neighbours and friends.

By the end of the play, every character's truths are revealed, and it is apparent that though they appear to have it all, beneath it nobody is truly happy.

Absent Friends Review

This sounds rather depressing for a show, but carefully crafted performances draw us in, absent friends script us to root for the characters even as they unravel. Di's spectacular descent into hysteria is brought to uproarious life by Catherine Harvey.

The male actors were juxtaposed with the women in more ways than one. This show was certainly a showcase for the talent of the female cast.

Div Collins, as Colin, was over the top and at times overbearing.

Absent Friends | Samuel French

His apparent satisfaction with his life, despite his loss, absent friends script highlights the depths to which all those around have sunk and his attempts to sort out their problems merely creates further rifts in the already damaged relationships of the other couples.

Paul reveals he still has it… and uses it absent friends script clean the car.


The play unfolds and Colin's arrival triggers Diana's confrontation.

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