Abstract: Concrete face rockfill dams (CFRDs) are gaining a worldwide recognition as the most economical type of dams to be constructed in extreme northern. The concrete-face rockfill dam (CFRD) has become a preferred dam type, but its design remains largely based on past experiences. Concrete‐Face Rockfill Dam: I. Assessment. The concrete‐face rockfill dam (CFRD) is currently being used with increasing frequency throughout the world. It has substantial advantages over the earth‐core rockfill dam, the common alternate dam type considered.


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Concrete face rockfill dams are being used with greater frequency and to greater heights in the last decade. Details of all major dam components and their evolutionary development are described. The second part is a case study concrete face rockfill dams Bakun Dam project in Malaysia. Since a number of CFRDs have been constructed comprising compacted rockfill, with a semi-pervious filter grading face zone, monolithic face slab, dowelled and grouted toe slab plinthand concrete face rockfill dams water stop perimeter joint.

The first modern CFRD, the By 39 dams of this type had been completed in China, 14 of which have a height over 70m.

Concrete Face Rockfill Dams—Design, Construction, and Performance

In addition, there are 35 dams under construction including Tianshengqiao, known as TSQ-1 and 20 dams, all over m high, at the planning stage. The CFRD has been concrete face rockfill dams for many different purposes and different sizes of reservoir, from small irrigation projects to large concrete face rockfill dams on main rivers, as well as for large pumped storage power projects.

Construction began in and is to be completed this year. The Shuibuya dam has also now been finalised: The increased use of CFRD mainly results from its low cost and short schedule, as compared to the earth-core rockfill dam.

In practice, the river was blocked for the TSQ-1 project in Decemberand diversion tunnels were plugged off in December The first unit started generating power in December The critical path for generation was not the construction of the dam but of the power facilities.

At present the highest dam in the world is at Aguamilpa, which is m high, but the main embankment material at that site is river gravel, which is less compressible than the limestone rockfill for TSQ-1 and Shuibuya.

Concrete faced rockfill dams in China - International Water Power

There are many design and research institutes in China engaging in this new type of dam. The Design guide and Code were used to reflect the state-of-art in this field both from Chinese practice and from other countries. The design guide and code are critically necessary in China.

As is well known, the 70m Gouhou dam was completed in and failed in One of the main causes was the lack of the provision of an internal chimney concrete face rockfill dams in the sandy gravel fill. Leakage from the joint between the crest parapet and face slab appeared at the downstream slope and caused piping of the material.

Meanwhile, upstream undermining destroyed the gravel support underneath the face slab.

The slab collapsed due to reservoir water pressure, and as a consequence the dam was overtopped.

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