Entity Print in Drupal 7 was great for printing Drupal Commerce order entities, Entity Form's or even custom entities and using the template. Create your own template file: print[--html|--mail|--pdf][--node--node-type] Look inside the modules directory and you will see the  theming - Printable Templates for Views using Print. There are two options in Drupal for creating PDFs. The Print module and Views PDF. Views PDF initially seemed the better option as it would.


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Decent PDF generation in Drupal

Entity Print Test Theme type: Adds the article-pdf css file only to the Article bundle on the Node entity type. The HTML is generated using the entity view mode and all the normal ways to override templates are available.

Turned off for my example. Keep the current theme CSS: Enable this for theme consistency and less work.

I am setting mine to be displayed in drupal print pdf template block so I can have more control over layout. New browser window Paper size and orientation: Whatever is appropriate for you. I am yet to determine quite how effective this is, but usual rules apply, keep off during development and on in production File name: I will use [site: Here are some extras I added: We are also rendering at dpi for print.

A quick note on images.

There are options for setting image dpi rendering here, but of course if someone uploads a 72dpi image and it is upscaled to dpi, it will look poor. Getting this right is a combination of configuration and user training.

I find it easier to create the markup drupal print pdf template CSS that will result in this output first.

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Below is my content type — I have added a couple of the extra fields that my content type needs, but not all of them: The print module comes with its own style sheet print. If you checked the option Keep the current theme CSS as mentioned above then the print module will use your main theme styles and drupal print pdf template check the print.

Effective PDF Generation in Drupal — SitePoint

This makes the most sense to me and feels like the tidiest option. Drupal print pdf template rest of this example will assume it is enabled. Here is a simplified HTML drupal print pdf template of the design we saw earlier: I am using a bootstrap sub theme which comes with its own markup that may be different from your theme.

I have some custom fonts loaded through font-your-face and created a custom image style for the image, these field names also represent my fields added above.

Style my Drupal 8 Entity Print PDF Product output

We have a particular print size we are trying to accomplish. You can specify sizes in CSS in a variety of units, so in our case I am using centimeters.

Here is my CSS: This is because the print module is using our theme but a different tpl file, print. Drupal print pdf template it from the module and into your theme so we can make some changes.

The only issue is that it has a little bit messy deployment.

Printing any Drupal Entity to PDF | PreviousNext

We've been using this lately for our native Android and iOS projects. It becomes quite expensive because you have to pay individual licenses for each platform desktop, mobile, mono.


We are aiming at getting a code such as this one:

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