Learn more about the Ducrosia - with amazing Ducrosia photos and facts on m‎: ‎Plantae. Mnemonic, -. Taxon identifier, Scientific name, Ducrosia anethifolia. Taxonomy navigation. Up › Ducrosia. Down Terminal (leaf) node. Common name, -. Angiosperms · Apiaceae · Ducrosia. Ducrosia anethifolia (DC.) Boiss. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Ducrosia (family Apiaceae).


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The aim of this study was to evaluate the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of Ducrosia anethifolia leaf essential oil DAEO in male mice. Medicinal plants with natural active substances and with lower side effects could be used as effective drugs in the treatment of many diseases.

In recent years, the effects of reducing blood sugar, ducrosia anethifolia, pain relief back pain of Ducrosia anethifolia has have been reported. There have been little detailed phytochemical reports on this genus. A furanocoumarin pangelin and a monoterpene glucoside 8-debenzoylpaeoniflorin were ducrosia anethifolia from the aerial parts of D.

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Herein, we investigated the phytochemical constituents of D. Materials ducrosia anethifolia Methods 2. TLC spots were visualized under UV nm and sprayed with convenient spray reagent.

Ducrosia anethifolia (DC.) Boiss. — The Plant List

Column chromatography CC was carried out using silica gel Si 60 mesh of 35—60 and 60— E. Electrothermal digital apparatus ducrosia anethifolia Gallenkamp electrothermal melting point apparatus were used. Solvent Systems and Spray Reagents S1: Plant Material Aerial parts leaves and stems of Ducrosia anethifolia Boiss.

The plant was identified by Dr. Extraction and Isolation The air-dried and powdered aerial parts leaves and stems of D.

Ducrosia anethifolia Boiss.

This residue was desalted by precipitation with excess ethanol followed by drying of the filtrate in vacuo to give The ethyl acetate fraction I—IIIwhich were separately collected.

Compounds 3 83 mg and 4 45 mg were obtained by crystallization methanol from the subfractions III-1 and III-2, respectively. Each compound was crystallized with methanol to give 5 0. The first one contained mainly 8 and traces of 9, while ducrosia anethifolia second one contained 9 as the major compound.

The first subfraction was then subjected to Si column chromatography using the same eluent and final purification was achieved through ducrosia anethifolia with methanol, ethyl acetate, and two drops of benzene to give 8 2.

Ducrosia anethifolia

The purity of compounds 1—4 was being checked by TLC using solvent system S1 for compounds 1 and 2, while S2 was used for compounds 3 and 4. S3 was used ducrosia anethifolia compounds 5—8 and S4 was used for compound 9. Ducrosia anethifolia reagent R1 was used for compounds 1—8 and R2 was used for compound 9.

All compounds were characterized mainly by spectroscopic methods, UV, MS, 1H, and 13C NMR, as well as comparison of the melting points with authentic samples or those in the literatures.

Isolated Furanocoumarins The spectral data of the isolated furanocoumarins were illustrated as follows.


C11H6O3; white crystals; m.

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