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Dual axis solar tracker system This system requires involvement electrical projects a wide range of engineering including mechanical electrical and electronics.

Electrical Project Ideas

The mechanical part would involve designing a smooth gear system to move as per requirement. The electrical part would be the working of solar panel and battery requirement. The system employs spur gear for the implementation of the dual axis solar tracker.

This project is available at: The number and colors of light vary with electrical projects size of vessel. Advertisement This project is available at: This can be achieved easily with junction field effect transistor JFET electrical projects may require special design of the printed circuit board PCBappropriate construction techniques of the box, proper cables and connectors.

In this circuit, a sensitive PIN diode is used as a fire sensor for longer-range fire detection. It detects visible light and infrared IR in the range of nm — nm.

Visible light and Electrical projects from the fire activate the sensor to trigger electrical projects alarm. It also detects sparks in the mains wiring and if these persist, it gives a warning alarm. The anode can easily be identified from the top-view flat surface of the photodiode.

A small solder point to which a thin wire is connected is the anode and the other one is the cathode terminal. When working with battery supply, it becomes difficult to get dual power supply for the op-amps.

This is one of the interesting projects among Electrical Engineering Project Ideas. Op-amps require dual-polarity supply for electrical projects operation. A PIR sensor is an electronic device that can measure IR light radiating from electrical projects in its field-of-view.


Apparent motion is detected when an IR source with one temperature such as a human being passes in front of an IR source with another temperature such as a wall.

The PIR sensor module, centred on a PIR sensor, has elements made of crystalline material that generates electrical projects electric charge when exposed to IR radiation. The main objective of the circuit is to detect LPG leakage anywhere.

LEDs are used as circuit deactivation indicator. RS is a well-known standard supported by many popular ICs and therefore is still widely used.

Electrical Projects

Generally, in a repair station, a CRO electrical projects used for a very short time. But in most cases, the user fails to switch off the CRO immediately after use.

The service engineer mostly concentrates on faults rather than noticing whether the CRO is on or off. A vibration sensor turns the CRO off when the probe is idle for a specified amount of electrical projects.

Electrical projects Archives | Electronics For You

These are potential topics to be used as electrical projects year project topics in electrical engineering. Find a list of electrical engineering project topics to be implemented. This list contains major as well as mini projects for eee. Electrical major projects for students to use in their final semesters.

Latest topics for degree and diploma in electrical engineering students.

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