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Hence, my lucid adventures will hopefully become more frequent from now on and therefore I decided to put them here in one thread instead of making threads for selected topical adventures in the way I do it in the dream subforum with regard to my ongoing 'programming project'.

So rejoice, my dear AP fellows, here it will all be concentrated into this one thread. Something about the title: Even if I tried to make categories, I couldn't do it, it is a fluent continuum and sometimes it is impossible anyway. I differentiate between "normal" dreams non-lucid adventures and "lucid adventures".

So I have more or less Kurt Leland's approach who also says it is all enzyklopaedia aventurica in consciousness' in his newest book.

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So the real dividing line between posting in this sub-forum and in the Dreaming-forum mostly about programming is the following criterion: Lucidity, and lucidity alone. That is why I gave my journal here the name "Luci-D-iary" prevailing against "AstraLog" as a close second: Here, it contains lucid or at least 'partially' lucid adventures the latter of which, for example, also includes False Awakenings, which happen quite often for me in the proximity of fully lucid adventures.

I call the experiences thus "lucidventure" or as a variant: You see, I like playing with words as I like playing with enzyklopaedia aventurica consciousness.

Logically, as before, completely non-lucid experiences such as programmed dreams will be posted in the Dreaming forum.

This makes the most sense to me. However, sometimes I need to mention non-lucid dreams here out of which lucid adventures enzyklopaedia aventurica to provide the necessary narrative consistency of the events and developments.

Although it is tempting to give accounts of my very recent luc adventures, I want to try to keep a little chronology here and start out with some selected and for me most important 'lucidventures' of the past. Don't worry, it won't be too many.

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You see, this first post is just the "intro". I will post each 'lucadventure' in a separate post. First enzyklopaedia aventurica to follow soon.


Of course, any comments are very welcome here! Maybe you had similar experiences or you can answer some of the questions, mysteries and problems I write about here.

Looking forward to your commentaries enzyklopaedia aventurica. What happened when you exited three nights in a row? enzyklopaedia aventurica

What You Really Need To Learn About Adjustable Beds

And I like your journal's title! Could you tell us more about this method? Enzyklopaedia aventurica I or someone else who happens to read this could use the same method or slighlty adapt it

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