Just Keepers Ltd offer online sales of Just Keepers - Simon Smith DVD, Coaching DVD, Goalkeeper coaching, Simon Smith practices. Goalkeepers need to be alert, ready to spring into action and the readiness to dive, leap, or run can be aided by good practice. Earlier basic techniques have. Here's a drill you need to tune up your ball control and throwing accuracy from Andrew Sparkes, Swansea City's head of academy goalkeeping.


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Practices are broken down into three areas: The overall intention is to provide realistic, varied, relevant, and innovative practices that stimulate the goalkeeper in every element goalkeeping practices their game and performance.

All the listed practices are real-world and have been used at a variety of levels within football to enhance goalkeeper development of all ages.

Your Goalkeeper Training Guide

They can all be adapted based on the numbers of players and resources available to the coach, while fundamental factors such as time and space allow the coach to be creative with how the exercises are implemented. Andy Elleray is a goalkeeping practices coach who also specializes in performance analysis and sports science.


Fear of failure can often mentally paralyze goalkeeping practices goalkeepers and prevent them from expanding their reach.

And if you tell yourself that you CAN reach the ball…your brain will move your body to make you right. Playing goalkeeper requires us to throw our entire being into making every save…and letting the outcome be what it is.

One soccer goalkeeper I work goalkeeping practices recently began choosing not to try for shots I knew she could save, but she had developed doubts about. In her mind, not trying to make a save and allowing a goal to be scored was not nearly as bad as trying to make the save and failing.

She began to rationalize that although she had allowed a few goals to be scored in a match, she had actually played well because she stopped every shot she attempted to save. Over several sessions, I was able to change her perspective to the point that she now sees it as better to attempt and fail than to not attempt and fail.

SIMON SMITH GOALKEEPING | Goalkeeping Practices Live

Perhaps the fastest way to demoralize a goalkeeper is to place them in a training environment where their odds of success are minimal at best…yet far too often, that is exactly what well-meaning coaches do. He had asked me goalkeeping practices additional help in light a recent streak of avoidable goals.

I had observed in my recent training sessions with him a hesitation in responding to shots he goalkeeping practices would easily save.

I could almost see the wheels of decision slowly turning in his head. All goalkeeping practices my keepers use a standard warm-up designed to get their heart pumping, muscles warmed up, and their brain over the natural reluctance to hit the ground. Then he got into the goal without practicing catching.

I later learned from him that he had stopped using the warm-up before matches and practices several weeks prior…right about the time he began hesitating on dives.

Soccer Goalkeeper Training, Train the Brain. | Keeperstop

While the shooters were being properly taught to shoot for the corners, their near-misses which would have been legitimate goals using full-size goals were going undefended by him.

Unfortunately, when I respectfully addressed this with his coach, I was told that it was more important that their shooters learn to score on a smaller goal as they worked on accuracy.

Hmmm…perhaps this is why they had been goalkeeping practices plenty of goals in recent matches, but were getting slaughtered by opponents? His drill was making my keeper make penalty kick saves on shots coming from numerous points within the penalty area. Many of these shots should have been easily dealt with by my keeper making a breakaway save or at least coming out big.

Instead, he had begun to cherry-pick the shots he attempted to save from the many shots that came in rapid order.

Goalkeeper training drills: Control and distribution

His teammates were laughing at how easy it had become to score, and his shoulders had dropped in disgust. What goalkeeping practices his brain being taught?


Nothing that would benefit him in a match…or in his overall development. And it would take several goalkeeping practices sessions and heart-to-heart chats with me to reframe goalkeeping practices experience and rebuild his confidence. Every coach loves a goalkeeper who brings passion to the game, but no coach likes a hot-head.

Anger makes for fuzzy math…I train my keepers to perform in a state of exhaustion to mirror match-like conditions.

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