Jump to World Wide Tattoo Conference - In , Guy Aitchison took part in the first International conference of the Tattoo community where world-class. When Guy Aitchison was 16, his sister Hannah approached him from out of the blue and asked him if he felt like going to get tattooed. Guy had never thought. Guy Aitchison has been teaching seminars to tattoo artists since , in the process fine-tuning his approach to give artists the most bang for their buck.


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With an intense bio organic style Aitchison creates some one of a kind tattoos that are truly amazing. I don't really know if there's guy aitchison tattoo better explanation than that, guy aitchison tattoo be honest.

I just try to make every tattoo look as nice as I can make it. Guy AItchison November Note: All tattoo designs shown in these galleries are custom pieces designed for each client.

Not only can that ruin your reputation as a tattooist, but I'd also like to point out that the first cases guy aitchison tattoo lawsuits over tattoo design infringement are starting to go to court.

If a client brings you a photo of someone else's tattoo as a request, explain these facts to them, and then encourage them to allow you to create a custom design to their liking. The educational side of Guy's career fell together very naturally, starting with being offered a chance to teach a seminar at one of Dennis Dwyer and J.

Crowe's Tattoo Tour conventions, which at the time were the gold standard of tattoo expositions.


The idea of presenting educational material in a seminar format was revolutionary; previously, tattooists had always guy aitchison tattoo their information with great suspicion, since the industry was so small and so closed. With the blossoming of tattooing and the influx of new artists, there was room for everyone to grow without stepping on each other's toes.

Guy's seminar that weekend was about doing coverup tattoos, and he handed out illustrated 30 guy aitchison tattoo booklets to everyone that attended. As he did different seminars from time to time, he created different new booklets, and inevitably was asked by people who couldn't attend the seminars if they could just buy the books.

Guy Aitchison - Wikipedia

Much of guy aitchison tattoo tattoo educational process is focused on gaining a full knowledge of the technical matters such as machines and needles. There is now a Kickstarter campaign where you can preorder the book along with a number of other rewards including collaborative paintings and original art from the book; go to kickstarter.

There is now a Kickstarter campaign where you can preorder the book along with a number of other rewards; go to kickstarter. We have some great gifts available at Hyperspace Studios, with Christmas shipping inside the US guaranteed on all orders received by noon on December 18th.

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All of these items are loaded with surprising creative content that will inspire and entertain anyone with an interest in the tattoo world.

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Michele's painting From Within celebrates the expression of your unique personal energy in your art and your life. Guy's painting Beacon Of Faith is about transcendence and personal evolution, and his piece Hypercosmic Spiral is a large format yet compositionally simple artistic gesture, painted live on stage in a performance.

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Incredible Bio Organic Tattoos By Guy Aitchison

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Special pricing is available until December We are bundling together three small prints from guyaitchisonart michelewortman and their daughter Kaia Rose.

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