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Summer holidays in Sardinia, winter ski trips in the Alps, and other frequent visits with my daughters and grandson, plus three or four good squash sessions a week, keep me busy enough. Bring on our 50th.

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  • Last Call: Base Camp Brewing Owner Arrested; Arrogant Bastard Gets Canned

Thinking back on what it was like to be a freshman, I am struck by how similar the two experiences were. From the minute I arrived illegal ebook strafe football the scout camp there was a kind of ritualized hazing. We had to make our mattresses out of straw and canvas ticking and set up our tents while older scouts who were camp veterans mocked us.

The food was slovenly and within a day the whole camp came down with stomach cramps and there were lines at the outdoor bathrooms.

Television – Airminded

San Francisco State University professor emeritus wife: My heart sank and I wondered just why I had left Illegal ebook strafe football York. I illegal ebook strafe football remember a talk that Dean Wilson gave about how illustrious we all were on paper, with the caveat that before too long half of us would make up the bottom portion of our class.

He mentioned calling his friend Dick Wilbur at Wesleyan and their conversation about the poem. I had no idea who Dick Wilbur was. The tone of the English and physics classes was challenging by way of tearing down assumptions about what we thought writing and thinking and asking questions might be about.

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Comments on papers were harsh, the Arons persona complete with locked doors on the hour felt more military than illegal ebook strafe football.

It was undoubtedly true that most of us had been over-praised and thought we knew a good deal more than we actually did.

And the strength of many of the teachers at Amherst, with their lively engagement with what they taught, overshadowed the ways in which many people felt lonely and confused. Pledging a fraternity involved more ritualized hazing, and I still remember someone opening the door to the old library in his underwear as part of the process of humiliation by moments deadly that membership in illegal ebook strafe football house could involve.


I found the college more and more engaging as I got out from under what was prescribed and became more involved with what I cared about. I liked the eccentricities of the English Department and discovered a kind of bliss in the stacks of the library.


In spite of the social partitioning, there were interesting people to meet and talk to and enough friendships made to make the last two years feel comfortable illegal ebook strafe football engaging. I also looked forward to leaving and moving on, and although the senior song implied that we were no longer strangers, I felt we mostly were at the end and have remained so through the years.

In I married Barbara Koenig, a medical anthropologist.

We have two adult children, Sam and Miriam. We live in San Francisco. The real changes that have taken place have undoubtedly improved the social experience there, both in illegal ebook strafe football of coeducation and in terms of making it possible for people who might not have imagined themselves in that world to be part of it.

Deep down I still believe that too many of our wealthiest colleges spend too much money promoting their own importance when money could be better spent.

I read the news from Amherst with the passing interest of someone who remembers having been there once, long ago and with an occasional sense that it may have been a dream.

There were enough good moments to make me grateful for the most part and skeptical for the rest. With the particularity of my humanity, I am comfortable projecting that dichotomy of universal relationship illegal ebook strafe football all things large or small, animate or inanimate.

Last Call: Base Camp Brewing Owner Arrested; Arrogant Bastard Gets Canned |

Illegal ebook strafe football can perceive the thoughts of a tree, the ambitions of a mountain, or the longing of a quark? But who is to know it is not there simply because we do not know how to measure it? We all know that societies and individuals have goals and moments that threaten our immediacy, yet not one will endure for more than a fraction of universal time.

The earth could fall into the sun tomorrow, and nothing would notice its impact on the universe for who knows how many light years, if at all.

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