The Inheritance Trilogy Non-Wiki: Characters. This is not an exhaustive list; I didn't create wiki pages for every character. What's listed here is simply the ones I. Also known as: Das Erbe der Götter (German)- Trilogía de el Legado (Spanish)- Miras Üçlemesi (Turkish)- Dědictví (Czech)- La Trilogie de l'héritag. "Ah N.K. Jemisin, you can do no wrong The blend of cultures and lore she draws on to make this very unique world is just stunning, and the fact that she.


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Where the first book has a strong intrigue plot with a number of well-drawn antagonists and one, Scimina, who is not so well-drawn but at least acts out of a very understandable desire for powerthe latter two inheritance trilogy jemisin have cackling villains bent on destroying the world.

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These similarities and near-similarities make each book of the trilogy feel very much like a variation on a single theme rather than independent stories, at least when inheritance trilogy jemisin all at once the inheritance trilogy jemisin I did.

One issue is that I became less interested in the gods and the metaphysics within which they operate the more I learned about them.

The Inheritance Trilogy Omnibus | Epiphany

As with most fantasy gods, these are portrayed as similar to humans in thoughts and emotions but possessing supernatural powers, but while we are told most people worship them, somehow this seemingly important element of religious life is never depicted.

The three central gods of day, night, and twilight are associated with and responsible for natural phenomena like their polytheistic antecedents as well as limited in certain ways by a mysterious metadivine realm, but they are also half-heartedly said to be transcendent like a monotheist God, working together to create the entire universe, which here is depicted as the mind-bogglingly large universe of modern astronomy, not the cosy Earth-centered universe of the ancients.

There are throwaway references to other stars and planets, but everything important in the emotional lives of the gods is centered around the human world, as if the entire rest of the universe is devoid of life or even interest.

Not only does their aspect drive their interest, but it provides them with antitheses that can inheritance trilogy jemisin or even kill them. This seems all right at first, like when the godling of obligation is weakened by even the suggestion that he would break his word, but it ends up feeling arbitrary, particularly with Sieh, the godling whose nature is explored the deepest.

Though half Amn and half Darre, Yeine looks mostly Darre. She has deep brown skin, black hair, and rounded features, and she is very short — about five foot two.


She does have some Amn characteristics: Yeine has a serious nature, the partial result of having inherited so many responsibilities so early in life, though she retains a certain wry wit.

Before her birth, inheritance trilogy jemisin part of a bargain between Kinneth and the Enefadeh, Yeine was implanted with the soul of the long-dead goddess Enefa. As a result, Yeine strongly resembles Enefa in physical form and somewhat in personality.

She continues to resemble her mortal form, though she takes on other forms and answers to other names e. He is inheritance trilogy jemisin his eighties at the start of the novel.


As part of the Arameri ritual of the succession, he inheritance trilogy jemisin his wife Ygreth Arameri in order to become heir. He attempted to conceal this from their young daughter Kinneth Arameri, but she later learned the truth.

As part of her plan for vengeance, she eventually abdicated her position and left the family to marry Baron Darr and bear Yeine. Afterward, Dekarta chose Relad Arameri and Scimina Arameri as his new heirs, forcing them into competition with each other.


Some years later, when Kinneth died under mysterious circumstances, he suspected her daughter, and therefore summoned Yeine to Sky and forced her into the competition too. When Yeine becomes a goddess inheritance trilogy jemisin, Dekarta is grudgingly pleased. Relad and Scimina are twins; Relad is the younger of the two by several minutes.

He inheritance trilogy jemisin blond and tall, though not well-built.

The Inheritance Trilogy

inheritance trilogy jemisin He has been a high-functioning alcoholic for several years by the time Yeine meets him. Though Relad is fully as intelligent and capable as his sister, he lacks the ruthless nature expected of an Arameri highblood — a fact that Scimina has exploited over the years.

Though he has no particular liking for Yeine — being as bigoted as any other inheritance trilogy jemisin — in a last-second gambit, Relad convinces Yeine to name him heir instead of Scimina.

Also the twin brother of Relad Arameri; Scimina is the elder of the two by several minutes.

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