During the installation of ISA Server you were given relatively few options for configuring ISA Server therefore it is important to understand. Most People Install ISA Server firewall with default configuration Disable File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks and Clients for. Microsoft is trying to present itself as not only the worldwide leading manufacturer of operating systems but also as a top provider of.


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How well it supports them depends on the infrastructure you provide for ISA to work within.

That way, ISA can use its favorite name resolution for all names and it and its clients will be all the happier for it.

DNS - Domain Name Services; the services residing on a computer that are able to answer a name resolution query.

How they answer that query depends isa server 2008 configuration many settings for that server.

FQDN — Fully Qualified Domain Name; this is a computer name that indicates its logical association by virtue of the domain structure associated with the name. ISA uses these to identify various aspects of its configuration. Secondary Protocol — Any protocol used by an application that differs from the one isa server 2008 configuration to make the initial primary connection through the ISA is considered a secondary protocol.

IT Tutorials: ISA Server Installation step by step

When configured properly, it enables IE to configure itself dynamically. Cache — This is the least capable mode, since only the Web Proxy and optionally, the caching services are installed and running. This is also isa server 2008 configuration only mode that cannot support the H. Server publishing — with this feature, clients from the public Internet are directed to the ISA Server instead of to the web server.

Moreover, the ISA Server may act as the proxy for inbound and outbound traffic between the public Internet clients and the internal web server.

With Cache Configuration tab the user is guided through Web service configuring. In addition to a variety isa server 2008 configuration settings, the possibility exists to set up the size of the cache memory per hard disk and configure the schedule of caching tasks TTL utility.

How to configure an ISA Server computer for a very large number of authentication requests

Forward Web Caching Server — this is the most popular use of the Web caching server. Its function is as follows: The Isa server 2008 configuration Server approves the request and checks if the object already exists in the local cache.

If the content does not already exist in the cache, the ISA Server contacts the Web server to fetch the requested object on behalf of the user ; isa server 2008 configuration.

ISA Server will send the object cached locally to user No. This ensures secure Web publishing, which is of particular concern if sensitive data is to be sent from the servers.

ISA Clients - Part 1 : General ISA Server Configuration.

In this way, the most popular web objects may be refreshed at night instead of during the day isa server 2008 configuration risking overloaded connections. Active caching — when active caching is used, ISA Server itself will evaluate and rank the cache and refresh it as necessary.


This is a particularly useful option in situations where employees must use specific url sites to fetch necessary information several times during the day, from sites that are frequently updated, and especially if it is risky to fetch non updated versions.

To do this, install the update that is described in the following Knowledge Base article on the servers: This helps the server perform better when isa server 2008 configuration traffic is high.

To load balance the Web requests and authentication and to increase performance, you can also use more ISA Server computers in an array. You should set the value on the resource server and all intermediate DCs handling the NTLM authentication request on the path to the user domain.

ISA Clients - Part 1 : General ISA Server Configuration.

In a multi-level Active Directory Forest contoso. Another way to improve performance may be isa server 2008 configuration authenticate the client computer by using Kerberos, but this is not supported with Internet Explorer 6 and earlier versions.

For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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