JBL ProFlora m CO2. CO2 fertilizer system with g refillable cylinder and night switch-off. • Complete system with: g CO2 cylinder with. Price, review and buy JBL Proflora m CO2 Fertilizer System with kg Refillable Cylinder and Night Switch-off at best price and offers from Find great deals for @ JBL ProFlora M Co2 Kit for Aquarium Plants. Shop with confidence on eBay!


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There is no general answer to this question, as we do not know what the desired number of bubbles for your aquarium are.

@ JBL ProFlora M602 Co2 Kit for Aquarium Plants

One bubble jbl proflora m602 approx. Please note that this is a rough estimate and does not represent a guarantee about how many days you can actually get out of one compressed gas cylinder. However please note the following restrictions.

Some larger-sized cylinders are not approved for non-stop operation with pressure reducers and you will lose your warranty claim if you use such systems.

Where did my algae come from? Algae problems in an aquarium can never be traced to just one factor or general condition, and instead, are always the result of a combination of different factors, which include light, fertilization, water changes — specifically, how often and how much — feeding, fish population and, of course, the specific water parameters.

According to analyses that were performed over a course of jbl proflora m602 number of years, red algae, at least the common brush algae and beard algae, occur in descending order at the following parameters: However, the cylinder pressure and working pressure displayed are in the proper range.

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It should be installed as the last element before the reactor and with the tip of the arrow pointing to the reactor JBL Taifun.

A large amount of carbon dioxide always escapes all at once while the solenoid valve of JBL pH Control 12 V is being opened. A slight excess pressure develops between the pressure reducer and the solenoid valve when the solenoid valve is turned off.

It then escapes all at once when the valve is opened. This can be prevented by doing the following: Fertilise regularly after the water change, e. If jbl proflora m602 add a daily dose of Ferropol If algae promoting nutrients especially phosphate are present in higher quantities, use JBL PhosEx ultra to keep them under control.

Most important is carbon dioxide.

@ JBL ProFlora M Co2 Kit for Aquarium Plants | eBay

Beard and brush algae are always a sign that there jbl proflora m602 too little carbon dioxide in the water. If a CO2 system is in use, increase its dosage.

Put in fast growing stem plants as nutrient competitors. If there is strong current, reduce it slightly. You jbl proflora m602 observe two points: This test must be renewed every 10 years, with the bottom of the cylinder and the valve sealing and threaded joint being tested.


Depending on its concentration, carbon dioxide is harmful in the air. Other symptoms are headaches, discomfort and ringing in the ears. This may lead to cramps, fainting, apnoea and death from jbl proflora m602.


This is equal to One mol of a gaseous substance has a volume of The storage life of a filling can be calculated approximately in a simplified manner. The computation of range is analogous for the 2 kg compressed gas cylinder.

Does the use of bubble stones and a strong current expel the important plant nutrient, CO2, from the water? BUT this low CO2 content is far too low to for most aquarium plants jbl proflora m602 thrive.


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