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What is the dialogue " How to Make a Mandala " about?

Mahási Sayadaw

The conversation revolves around spiritual interests. Why would someone stare motionlessly meditace vhledu a mandala for a long period of time?

Is that not boring? What goes on in the head of a person meditating? Is it meditace vhledu kind of game?

Strom moudrosti, řeka bez návratu : praxe a rozvoj meditace vhledu by Sujiva | LibraryThing

The main question the dialogue is centred on is: What leads a person to perform such activities? What do people get out of such activities prayer, meditation, attending religious services, etc. meditace vhledu


A symmetrical circular image that develops from a centre point into a complex diagram. It is often a schematic depiction of meditace vhledu cosmos the arrangement of cosmic forces and at the same time of the human spiritual structure the arrangement of spiritual forces.

The universe and the human microcosm have a hierarchical arrangement in the mandala representing realms above and below the world, or levels of consciousness, the unconscious, and the superconscious, in a hierarchical relationship.

Deities and other beings that rule given dimensions also commonly appear in mandalas.

Traditionally they are very colourful. They can be made out of sand, rice, meditace vhledu, or other material.

This type of mandala is destroyed after the necessary rituals have been carried out. For example, in Tibetan Buddhism, the material used is poured into water.

However, there are more durable mandalas made of metal or stone engraved, carved, drawn, etc.

Medvik: Základy meditace vhledu

Many Buddhist stupas and Hindu temples represent gigantic mandalas. Mandalas are used as aids in personal meditation and as part of group rituals. Meditace vhledu are even numerous meditace vhledu observances that govern how one is made.


Analytical psychology the depth psychology of C. Jung and his followers uses mandalas as a medium of self-discovery in psychotherapy.


meditace vhledu Meditation is a way of mentally working on oneself. However, the main objectives of meditation are spiritual, e.

Usually in meditation, attention is focused on a single object to the exclusion of everything else. Meditation is found in many religions throughout meditace vhledu world and takes hundreds of forms.

It is therefore impossible to give an exhaustive and precise definition of it.

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