Hey all, looking for the best book(s) on psychology for a beginner? This is purely for my own curiosities but I suppose it could venture into. Excerpt from A Beginner's Psychology In this Beginners Psychology I have tried to write, as nearly as might be, the kind of book that I should have found useful. There are a great many introductory psychology books available for instructors to choose from. This list highlights the text best, most widely.


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It's not only a good read, it leaves you with a pretty good idea on some of the craziest cases of psychology and neurology.

Written by neurologist Oliver Sacks inthe book tells us about some of his more 'curious' patients. Some of his cases and explanations have been used in movies too. For example, Dustin Hoffman counting toothpicks in Rain Man, is actually a scene from Psychology books beginners case study called "The Twins", which explains the condition of two autistic twins.

50 Must-Read Psychology Books

Running With Scissors The book is not as much about professional psychology as it is about light reading. Just remember that psychology books beginners is a psychology book, and the concept of 'light' will be different from other books.

It delves into the life of the author, Augusten Burroughs, who was sent to live with a psychiatrist by his mother. The book psychology books beginners most aspects of clinical depression, along with a host of other mental illnesses including bipolar disorder, sexual perversion and OCD.

All tips are available in the app in bite-sized flashcard formats that you can quickly read or, thanks to the audio versions, listen to on-the-go.


While the book is informative, the studies are grazed over pretty quickly, not much depth is given to any individual study. Thinking, Fast and Slow Buy the book: Trying to go over what this book digs into would take me a whole post in itself, so allow me to just gush: This book is damn awesome, read psychology books beginners

5 Psychology Books That Changed The Way We Understood Human Behavior

Seriously though, for behavioral research, there are few books that touch the scope and breadth that Dan Kahneman dives into with this masterpiece Mr. Their arguments are structured well, as is their other entry on this list, and incredibly readable; you can tell that a lot of effort psychology books beginners put into breaking the book down into appropriate sections and making it easy to pick up by anyone.

The Art of Choosing Buy the book: The Myth of Fair Value Buy the book: Stumbling on Happiness Buy the book: Predictably Irrational Buy the book: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation Buy the book: The second is full of praise: I feel like we all find ourselves asking a similar psychology books beginners at times, as to why something caught on so quickly while something else that may have been superior faded away.


Diving a little deeper than the answer of better marketing, this book aims to address the 6 ways certain ideas just stay with us while psychology books beginners slip away. Numbers Rule Your World: I approached this book expecting to slowly crawl through it, but there are a ton of great examples and Fung does a fantastic job of using stories to get his points across.

The Honest Truth About Dishonesty: There are some bold claims in this book:


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