Raiul găinilor (Tiberiu Ciubotari) Dan Lungu is a Romanian novelist, short story writer, poet and dramatist, also known as a literary theorist and sociologist. The recipient of critical acclaim for his short story volume Cheta la flegmă ("Quest for Phlegm") and his novels Raiul găinilor ("Chicken Paradise") and Sînt o babă comunistă! Raiul găinilor: fals roman de zvonuri și mistere. Ego. Proză · Proză Ego. Author, Dan Lungu. Publisher, Polirom, ISBN, X,


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Raiul găinilor Quotes by Dan Lungu

There was nothing for us to sell and steal, whereas they raiul gainilor access to the circuits of theft, to the web of programmed lawlessness.

Hence the duplicity, the lack of solidarity among the 'resisters' within a patriarchalmostly rural, country In his review of the chapter, Cernat discussed the "relevant—if at times exaggerated—conclusions" Lungu draws on minority authors having been pushed by their social marginalization into becoming the cultural avant-garde.

The book, written over one summer, carries the subtitle "A faux novel of rumors and mysteries" [4] and is defined by its raiul gainilor as a work on "the circulations of rumors".

It lives mechanically, though automatisms which provide it with a kind of demented functioning, similar to one of the characters, a woman who endlessly knits pullovers without watching her own hands. Salinger 's Nine Stories and the poetry of Emil Brumaru. He takes the voice of a little girl shocked by the brutality of family life and the promiscuity of life in a block apartment.

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Whoever carefully reads Dan Lungu gets a free lesson in the manipulation techniques to which all those who wish to have us convinced of the truth in non-literary fiction will expose us without warning and at times successfully.

Through introspection and flashbacksthe volume depicts the disorientation raiul gainilor anguish of Emilia Mica Apostoae, an aging woman whose longing for the childhood and youth she spent under the communist regime make her block out negative memories of the period.

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He argues that Emilia Apostoae's early biography, in particular her migration from village to urban center, assimilates a theme from socialist realism "the prose works produced and expired during the s"while the aspects of narrative language incorporate the diverse avatars of speech under ideological pressure, from the "parental and always costly discussions" confronting politically appointed supervisors and their nonconformist employees to subversive forms of Romanian humor and the "wooden tongue" of official speeches.

When he blocks out the verbal stream to produce a funny remark, raiul gainilor he stretches a joke over several chapters, when, instead of diacriticshe places on the cover a majestic and Soviet five-cornered star. Her ideal, Ursa notes, is actually that raiul gainilor an "anti-world", where negative values are made to look positive: For some readers, this may mean very much.

I think he regretted having laid into me with the drill. He went into his booth and whispered with some one on the telephone. When he comes out, he says to me: They put their coffee down, and one of them makes me raiul gainilor out my tongue, another takes a blood sample, another pokes one of those pocket torches in my eyes, another one listens to me through his stethoscope, and another, begging your pardon, searches up my bottom.


Under the white coats, you could glimpse their epaulettes raiul gainilor medals, I think they must have been really raiul gainilor generals. He blindfolds me with the rag again and makes me dizzy leading me down all them corridors ; everywhere there was a smell of coffee and schnitzels.

Raiul găinilor Quotes

One of the lads though, in his own way. He was sitting at his desk casting a die: His face flushed like a rose. You get a Dacia on me. Bobu lost it raiul gainilor cards.

Lena was horrid though. I was standing there and thinking to myself whether I should tell raiul gainilor about our Litza or not, because if I had a Dacia now that problem with being late would be cleared up, when in comes this lady all dressed up in traditional costume, carrying a tray of bread and salt — and she was such a looker that your eyes would have popped out on their stalks.

You can say that again. Have you got milk for the children? That you had to queue up for so long that you used to start growing mould? I bowed my head like a raiul gainilor schoolboy. What the hell could I say?

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