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The equipment itself is German and as with many Vaillant controls the instructions are a somewhat opaque translation!

Ras m18uav e-manual

However I shall master them!! With the VRC weather compensating device, the system is said to be hig Dr Iain McQueen Delivery was on the day ras m18uav e and from ordering to delivery was only a few days.


Fast deliveries Nationwide UK distribution delivery network Local pickup if required Pre sales tech advice Second to none after sales service This toshiba ras-m18uav-e outdoor multi split 2 way unit The working pressure of the new refrigerant RA is 1.

The refrigerating oil is also changed in accordance with change of refrigerant, so be careful that water, dust, and existing refrigerant ras m18uav e refrigerating oil are not entered in the refrigerant cycle of the air conditioner using the new refrigerant during installation work or servicing time.

The next section describes the precautions for air conditioner using the new refrigerant.

Never use refrigerant other than RA in an air conditioner which is designed to operate with Ras m18uav e. If other refrigerant than RA is mixed, pressure in the refrigeration cycle becomes abnormally high, and it may cause personal injury, etc.

RAS-M18UAV-E - Klimoska.sk

Confi rm the used refrigerant name, and use tools and materials exclusive for the refrigerant Ras m18uav e. The refrigerant name RA is indicated on the visible place of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner using RA as refrigerant.

If the refrigerant gas comes into contact with fi re, a poisonous gas may occur. When installing or removing an air conditioner, do not allow air or moisture to remain in the refrigeration cycle.

Otherwise, pressure in the refrigeration cycle may become abnormally high so ras m18uav e a rupture or personal injury may be caused. After completion of installation work, check to make sure that there is no refrigeration gas leakage.


If the refrigerant gas leaks into the room, coming into contact with fi re in the fan-driven heater, space heater, etc. When an air conditioning system charged with a large volume of refrigerant ras m18uav e installed in a small room, it is necessary to exercise care so that, even when refrigerant leaks, its concentration does not ras m18uav e the marginal level.

If the refrigerant gas leakage occurs and its concentration exceeds the marginal level, an oxygen starvation accident may result. Be sure to carry out installation or removal according to the installation manual.

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Improper installation may cause refrigeration trouble, water leakage, electric shock, fi re, etc. Unauthorized modifi cations to the ras m18uav e conditioner may be dangerous.

If a breakdown occurs please call a qualifi ed air conditioner technician or electrician.

Improper repair may result in water leakage, electric shock and fi re, ras m18uav e Refrigerant Piping Installation Piping Materials and Joints Used For the refrigerant piping installation, copper pipes and joints are mainly used.

Copper pipes and joints suitable for the refrigerant must be chosen and installed.


Furthermore, it is necessary to use clean copper pipes and joints whose interior surfaces are less affected by contaminants. Do not use copper pipes having a collapsed, deformed or discolored portion especially on the interior surface.

Otherwise, the expansion valve or capillary tube may become blocked with contaminants. As an air conditioner using RA incurs pressure higher ras m18uav e when using R22, it is necessary to choose adequate ras m18uav e.


Thicknesses of copper pipes ras m18uav e with RA are as shown in Table Never use copper pipes thinner than 0. Prior to use, be sure to remove all contaminants. In such a case, socket joints can be used.

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