Background: Self-medication is an important concern for health authorities at global level. In developing countries like India most episodes of illnesses are treated by self-medication because of easy availability of a wide range of drugs commercially. The most common reasons for self-medication in the present study were found to be common cold (%) and fever (%). Paracetamol and cough syrups were the most commonly used class of drugs, which is similar to a study done in Ahmadabad, India.‎Abstract · ‎Introduction · ‎Results · ‎Discussion. More than 50% Indians resort to self medication says study. A few days ago I was speaking to a friend over phone. Her voice was quivering and.


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The practice of self-medication is rampant in India. Self-medication and non-doctor prescription practices in Pokharavally. Western Nepal; a questionnaire based study.

Prevalence of self-medication practices and its associated factors in Urban Puducherry, India

Kamat VR, Nichter M. Pharmacies, self-medication and pharmaceutical marketing in Bombay, India. Improving medication use for older adults: Drug toxicity and surveillance in children.

Br J Clin Pharmacol. Drug prescription and self-medication in India: In an online portal had asked more than 20, respondents questions around medication.

  • More than 50% Indians resort to self medication says study – Healthcare India
  • More than 50% Indians resort to self medication says study
  • 52 per cent Indians indulge in self-medication: survey

I am not surprised at the number. The most common reasons given by the respondents were the exorbitant fees at private clinics, long lines at government run hospitals and the reluctance of the patients to get diagnostic tests done. I self medication in india take Online surveys with a pinch of salt as most people do tend to lie on such surveys.

52 per cent Indians indulge in self-medication: survey - The Hindu

Males over 40 years involved in moderate level activity of occupation, were found to be significantly associated with higher self-medication usage. Telling the symptoms to pharmacist Further self medication in india and a questionnaire-based survey showed people did this for lack of time, need to avoid doctor's fees and dependence on internet," said Saurabh Arora, CEO of Lybrateself medication in india online health portal.

Speaking on the survey findings, director general of health services Jagdish Prasad said the abhorrent practice is almost a part of everyday life in the country.

It is a drug used to treat tuberculosis. Once symptoms go away, they stop consuming it. Self-medication is an important health issue in this area.

52% Indians self-medicate | Delhi News - Times of India

Health education of the public and regulation of pharmacies may self medication in india in limiting the self-medication practices. Various studies reported that self-medication may lead to delay in care seeking which results in paradoxical economic loss due to delay in the diagnosis of underlying conditions and appropriate treatment.

Also, self-medication can lead to interaction between drugs which would be prevented, had the patient sought care from a licensed medical practitioner.


Practising self-medication for drugs like antibiotics might lead to drug resistance; and hence, there needs to be a check on these practices.

In majority of the hill, tribal regions, and other hard to reach areas where there is a huge shortage of human health work force, patients are still dependent on self-medication practices self medication in india minor symptoms. Studies of such nature will provide useful insight on the reasons for which patients resort to this practice and might help the policy makers and regulatory authorities to streamline the process of drug regulations, updating the list of essential medicines, and safety issues of over the counter drugs.

With this background, the present study was done to estimate the prevalence of self-medication for allopathic drugs and also to look for association between self-medication and socio demographic characteristics in an urban Puducherry.

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