Supertraining has 78 ratings and 7 reviews. Cwn_annwn_13 said: Supertraining is serious sports science complete with confusing charts, graphs, etc. I kno. I am honored to have my combination training method listed in Supertraining. This book is a must for a P.H.D. who really wants to learn the truth about training. Supertraining - Mel C Siff. amazing book, apparently lol, i ordered mine a few months ago but because of procrastination it hasnt been read yet.


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Siff Do you ever wonder if your method of strength training is best?

Supertraining - Mel C Siff - Forums

Do you know how shock training affects muscular strength? Are you interested in knowing more about the specificity of strength training for different sports? Do you know the best means of strength training for specific sports?

Supertraining is the most comprehensive siff supertraining ever written on strength training for sports.

The main focus is in the area of specialized strength methods, which have not yet permeated the West. It can answer almost all questions related to strength development. If you're looking for a quick review then just take this sentence as a summary: Every page read made me a better coach.

But it took me a year and siff supertraining half to read! And with that I'll kick off siff supertraining the specifics of the book's backgroound, it's strengths, weaknesses, and my rating out of So, let's start with the authors.

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  • Super Training by Yuri Verkhoshansky and Mel C. Siff - Dr. Yessis SportLab
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Verkhoshanksy is easily one of the most respected and admired Coaches of the 20th Century. He was himself an accomplished track and field athlete right up to attending the Central State Sport Institute to study Physical Education in Moscow, Siff supertraining.

HF Book Review: Supertraining, 6th Edition by Yuri Verkhoshansky & Mel C. Siff — Hurricane Fitness

He then started his illustrious coaching career which culminated in him siff supertraining placed as Chief of Scientific Laboratory of Training Programming and Physiology of Sport Work Capacity in Moscow. He is more widely recognized as the man who pioneered Plyometric Training.


He died in Siff Mel Siff is also one of the most highly regarded Sport scientists in history, whom without, we may not have found out anything about the Soviet or 'Eastern' training methods until much later in history.

With a Masters in Applied Mathematics and a PhD in Physiology, Siff supertraining centered his work around sport-related sciences such as biomechanics and muscle physiology.


He spent his youth involved in many sports but eventually favored Olympic Weightlifting, an interest which would siff supertraining culminate in his two year campaign as chairman of the South African Universities Weightlifting Association for more than twenty years and managing the National Weightlifting Team for 2 years.

Siff then led collaborations with Soviet coaches such as Dr. Michael Yessis and Yuri Verkhoshansky in translating Russian studies and coaching texts and writing books together themselves.


Siff died in

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