SIPRI Yearbook Armaments, Disarmament, and International Security. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. A Stockholm. SIPRI estimates a decline of 34 percent between and SIPRI YEARBOOK , p. ; SIPRI YEARBOOK , p. Sean DiGiovanna and Ann. SIPRI definition or (b) when no complete consistent time series is available. in SIPRI Yearbook ) and Russia (as presented in SIPRI Yearbook ).


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The first edition of the SIPRI Yearbook was released inwith the aim of producing 'a factual and sipri yearbook 1999 account of a controversial subject-the arms race and attempts to stop it'.

In at least six of the conflicts the intensity of the fighting in increased to a higher level than in the previous year.

SIPRI Yearbook | SIPRI

A root cause of the conflicts in Africa is to be found in the sipri yearbook 1999 of many of its states, which became especially obvious after the cold war. Corruption, lack of efficient administration, poor infrastructure and weak national coherence make governance both difficult and costly.


The combination of weak states and rich natural resources in Africa has resulted in a dangerous structural environment fuelling conflicts. Natural resources have become a cause for war as well as a necessary source of wealth for keeping the conflicts going.

In several parts of sub-Saharan Africa semi-political actors are fighting for the control of natural resources without any wider political ambitions. The s sipri yearbook 1999 been a decade of violence for Kashmir during which the relationship between India and Pakistan has remained volatile.

Although the levels sipri yearbook 1999 violence have varied greatly from year to year, fighting has been continuous since In no political or diplomatic solutions to the conflict were in sight and both separatist-related violence and cross-border firing increased.

1. Major armed conflicts | SIPRI

sipri yearbook 1999 Estimates of the number of lives claimed by the conflict in Jammu and Kashmir, including civilians, military personnel, border security forces and separatists, vary greatly. Some of the observations that might be described as comparatively neutral suggest around 25 casualties between and The nuclear tests worsened the relationship between India and Pakistan and were followed by a drastic increase in firing across the Line of Control and an escalation of violence in Jammu and Kashmir.

If the attempt to reinstall democratic institutions had some effects in decreasing tension in Jammu and Kashmir in andall such processes were reversed in sipri yearbook 1999

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