Enter into the fray Iron Crown Enterprises' (ICE) Spacemaster system in the form of Spacemaster: Privateers (SMP). SMP is to sci-fi what ICE's Rolemaster. Space Master is a science fiction role-playing game produced by Iron Crown Enterprises, ICE published their new Spacemaster: Privateers RPG while in chapter ICE's last remaining role-playing lines - Rolemaster, Spacemaster  Publication date‎: ‎ SPACEMASTER. Explore the galaxy in your RPG! Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page


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There are dozens of flexible sub-professions, eliminating artificial restrictions.

Spacemaster - Wikipedia

Over skills and a rich selection of background options allow each character to be a complex, multi-talented individual. The sophisticated rules are set out in a lucid, understandable format.

The second part of the trilogy, Space Master: Space Master can also be spacemaster privateers with Rolemaster ; used together they set the stage for sweeping, coherent, science-fantasy campaigns.

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The spacemaster privateers setting for Spacemaster 2 is the classic Imperium setting, where a human empire spans the galaxy in spacemaster privateers future thousands of years hence.

Noble houses, megacorporations, and other organisations vie for influence and more in a setting rich in transhumans, robots, psionics, aliens, and other exotica.

Spacemaster | Spacemaster | Iron Crown Enterprises | RPG | Roleplaying game | Science Fiction

Privateers The panel exploded in a glowing crash of sparks. Mrralff cursed violently, waiting spacemaster privateers the diagnostics to flicker across his screen. Picture yourself in kinetic armor with a needler in one hand, a monosword in the other hand, and a sniping plasma-carbine with holo-sights on your back.

How about adding on a thruster pack, a medscanner, a sneak suit, and a velocity shield?

Spacemaster: Privateers | RPG | RPGGeek

Try anti-glare lenses, a vapor canteen, and an environment tent. With the right connections, you might even be able to load up with professional and military-grade gear.

Spacemaster privateers yourself for adventure! Dress for the kill! Equip to the max!


Spacemaster privateers with the standard, assembly line models? Privateers line, which updated the Spacemaster mechanics to be more like the Rolemaster Standard System mechanics.

Amthorwith a cover by Gail McIntosh and illustrations by Jason Waltrip and Dan Carrolland was published by Iron Crown Enterprises in as a boxed set with two books one 96 pages, one 88 pagesa page pamphlet, three color maps, and a counter sheet.

Contents[ edit ] Space Master is a science-fiction space-adventure system, fairly complex, and compatible with CyberspaceRolemasterand to a lesser extent Middle-earth Spacemaster privateers Playing. The "Player Book" pages covers:

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