[–31] Although the ending of Acts may seem to be abrupt, Luke has now completed his story with the establishment of Paul and the proclamation of. Week 28 Ending Sunday, April 23, The Story – Chapter PODCAST: Early Church – New Beginnings. Reading: Monday – Acts ; , Pastor Keith Comp shares from The Story. The Story Chapter 4 years ago. White River Christian.


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They too saw the lightning clad beauty descend from heaven and roll the mighty stone away. They too saw that the tomb contained no body. They too were afraid because Jesus was gone. The angel assured them there was no reason to fear because the Christ had risen just as He said He would.

They were to go to Galilee and find Him there. The women fell to His the story chapter 28 in joy and began worshiping Him. Now, He walked whole, alive, free from the burial clothes Joseph of Arimathea had dressed Him in. They recognized Him immediately. He was indeed alive and in color.

He instructed them to run ahead and tell the disciples He would meet them in Galilee. And that is where the 11 found Him.

Though a few had some reservations, they worshipped Him. Surely, they rejoiced that the man they loved was back with them. But they had given up everything to follow Him.

How devastating had it been to watch Him be arrested and hear of His awful death? Many questions must have plagued them as they wondered if they had been fools. Now on a hillside in Galilee, they knew for sure what Matthew had wanted to convince his readers. Jesus was the Messiah.

Chapter 28

He had done His job. Now it was time for them to do theirs.

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Jesus claimed all authority vs. PPT And the results are: The people are amazed at the miracle of the languages. The burning question is asked: Jesus is alive and he is Lord.

The Story – Chapter 28 // New Beginnings – IHOPE Ministries

The results are profound! If we read Acts 2: Bear in mind that these people are not like each other.

You might notice in Acts 2: Every gift offered and used. There was not perfection. Let me share this illustration with you: Max Lucado tells about an Episcopal priest friend of the story chapter 28, Jim Foltz, who is bishop of his diocese.

Max was inwardly judgmental about Jim wearing the cross until Max heard the story behind it. The congregation loved Jim and donated gold items that could be melted down and molded into a cross.


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