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More and more creative people prefer to work independently — and the freelancers have expectations of the cooperation vernetzt euch agencies.

VERNETZT EUCH! | Try No Agency

Customers vernetzt euch small team of permanent staff — and of course the many freelancers who belong to the network of the Agency. Here is not a great creative apparatus at work, are busy at the key points with permanent employees. Rather, the CEO Friedrich Tromm and Stefan Nagel pick after the first meeting of a client according vernetzt euch the contract and project different specialists to the table: The outdoors are therefore from the outset — and only then go, if the project completed.

The creative economy is on the way to a new working environment.


Internet platforms such as project work directory nen a growing number of outdoor in the creative sector, the agency association GWA also vernetzt euch into an increase. But what does this mean for employers? That agencies employ external creative to intercept work peaks and overloading, this is not new.

What is new is that more and more smart people prefer the independence of a permanent position. According to a service survey of job platform O-Desk today Upwork from the yearcontributed 72 percent of the users of the platform who were employed yet been determined at this time, to abandon the idea, this Festanstel- ment, 44 percent were planning the even the next two years.

Agencies This poses challenges.

Sportler aller Welt vernetzt euch | Logo design contest

Because these outdoor have concrete expectations. Work in agencies not only makes fun The development has several reasons.

It is rooted on the vernetzt euch hand in the positive market development. In the years andso in times of financial crisis, there was much less free Creative on the market.

Sportler aller Welt vernetzt euch

In addition, there are now a variety of Internet platforms vernetzt euch networks, which make it possible freelancers to find clients and projects. On the other hand there is also the growing dissatisfaction with the working conditions in agencies Creative drives into independence.

Work from morning until late at night, like on weekends? Does not have to be.

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  • Vernetzt Euch

Steering only on the actual creative work. Even if many freelancers would not press so distributed, they emphasize yet unison their independence: Creative ideas from the off a luxury, but the can afford only the good heads up.

Others have to fight for every order it. In this case, then one after all, the fact that household, children and family and friends a better fit with the work, if vernetzt euch do not have to constantly antanzen in an office.

Even for agencies which is attractive. They should then — unencumbered by the Agency vernetzt euch — provide creative ideas.

If sickness or due to holiday staffing levels is thin, freelancers can access a team vernetzt euch the arms. Project work was increasing in importance, with free employees one could occupy such temporary orders specifically.

The professionals have experiences with many agencies.

Graphics for the VERNETZT EUCH! conference on Behance

Of that they are working in the rule for several clients, all benefit, because to bring the outdoors fresh ideas and different perspectives. Thus they contribute to that Agency teams vernetzt euch is not as fast in its own juice. Finally freelancer can be focused on specific tasks, without agencies for must build its own personnel master.

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