Sample: Web Analytics Report. Web Analytics Report - Post launch Delevered: tbd, Data from Site Performance. To see Megalytic's Google Analytics sample templates or to get easy, These busy individuals often look at web analytics reports only to know. These 3 analytics reports measure Page, Visitor Acquisition & Paid Search For example notice the delta between Facebook ads vs.


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If not then why not?


As a Director that is my job to figure out. Third, surely my neck is on web analytics report example line for ensuring that money lots of it is being produced.

Hence the Revenue column. It takes less than ten seconds of eyeballing to figure out where there is a mismatch between crowds of visits and a mass of revenue or notand between non-bounce content consumption and revenue production.

web analytics report example We are all on the same page! The SEM team is probably logging into the system all day long; the Director perhaps a few times a week; the VP of Digital probably just a few times a month.

Elements of an Effective Web Analytics Report | Megalytic Blog

Here's what they'll see. Here are things good Analysis Ninja's worry about. You'll notice Impressions in all three personalized tabs. The Web analytics report example and VP don't really care about this metric.

It is there as an "anchor. Tiny detail, but it matters so much. First, they might pay a cursory glance at the summary view provided in the scorecard which will be on top of the above report but I have cropped for clarity. They do care about traffic.

3 Awesome, Downloadable, Custom Web Analytics Reports

web analytics report example Just seeing the sorting of the Visits, in context of the Impressions, will give them pause. Note the questions that might pop up, even to a VP, as you compare the queries "accuracy vs. Or "customer service questions. Second, VPs care about cost and they care about productivity.

Google Analytics Report Templates: Examples of Website Data That Matters

These are two columns they use to praise you and get you and themselves a bonus. What is the Cost per Click and, for that expense, what is the Revenue per Click?


I don't have to tell you what to do with these two columns. Love them a lot. Third, VPs care about their bonus. Sorry, I mean they care about company revenue. Knowing RPC is web analytics report example, having Revenue right there is fantastic context about overall achievement.

You could have stuffed number of transactions or orders or conversion rate or all that other junk. You don't need to.

Google Analytics Report Sample [PDF]

Your effort into the three STEP process above pays off rich dividends by killing data pukes, focusing on what's important, and creating one destination for everyone to go to and for everyone to point to.

It is so amazing when this works. Rob Taylor has created web analytics report example nice version of the above paid search report by applying filters to it, a feature of Google Analytics V5. You can download Rob's version here:

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